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AAlib is an portable ascii art GFX library. If you wish to see some examples of AAlib technology, please browse AA-project homepage.


Apr 25 2001
Version 1.4rc4 released.
Apr 20 2001
Version 1.4rc2 released.
Apr 17 2001
Version 1.4rc1 released.
Mar 10 1998
Version 1.2 released. Note that there is some small changes in API (hope last ones for long time), so you need to update aview and BB too.


Why such library?

I vote for simplicity. There are many problems of various kinds with video cards, low frequency monitors, crashing graphical apps... AA-lib IS the solution. It works on a terminal of any kind, it is fast and portable, it gives to you standard API. It gives to your old hardware more power!

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