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Recommending drivers

Manipulation with recomended drivers (aa_displayrecomended list) can be done using three macros:


aa_displayrecomended is a cyclic list. You can easily add drivers to the begining (using aa_recomendhidisplay(name)) or to the end using aa_recomendlowdisplay(name). In other words Aa_recomendhidisplay inserts with "high priority". (at the beggining of the list). The check for duplicity is performed. Despite aa_recomendhidisplay(name), that moves an existing display to the begining, function aa_recomendlowdisplay(name) inserts to the end. Thus nothing can lower the required priority of your driver.

This two priorities are usefull in many situations. For example: many display drivers recomend keyboard or mouse drivers (it's a good idea use curses keyboard when curses display driver is used). But some users may want to change it -- for example they might want to drive an aplication from a script and they might want to use stdin keyboard driver instead of X11 recomended by X11 driver.

The following piece of code:

aa_recomendhidisplay ("testa1");
aa_recomendhidisplay ("testa2");
aa_recomendhidisplay ("teste1");

will produce the following list:

teste1, testa2, testa1, teste1 teste2

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