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Getting events

Once keyboard is up you should use following function to get the events:

int aa_getevent(aa_context *c, int wait);

if wait is set to 1 functions wait for an event otherwise they just peek for an event (and might return AA_NONE). Event can be:

  1. ascii code of pressed key (value is lower than 255)
  2. one of the following special keys: AA_UP, AA_DOWN, AA_LEFT, AA_RIGHT, AA_BACKSPACE, AA_ESC
  3. value higher or equal to AA_UNKNOWN but lower than AA_RELEASE means unknown key.
  4. two special events AA_MOUSE and AA_RESIZE (will be explained later)
  5. higher value than AA_RELEASE means released key. To get keycode use: value &= ~AA_RELEASE.

If you don't want to be informed about such strange events and if you want to know just about the keys use:

int aa_getkey(aa_context *c, int wait);

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