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Three goals of AA-Project:

  1. Port all important software (like Doom, Second Reality, X windows etc..) on AA-lib.
  2. Port AA-lib on all available platforms (mainly ZX-Spectrum and Sharp).
  3. Force IBM to start manufacturing MDA cards again.

AA-project was started by Jan Hubicka. In that times just a few people knew about it. Then a new demo named BB has been relased to show the power of AA-lib technology. Now the project is freely available and anyone can help.

Just join our mailing list: aa@horac.ta.jcu.cz.

All programs covered under AA-project can be obtained at ftp://ftp.ta.jcu.cz://pub/aa.

Or just browse our homepage at http://www.ta.jcu.cz://aa. A ton of examples of ascii-art generated by aalib, pointers to other AA-Project resources etc.

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