The portable demo

  • Portable demo - supports many unixes + DOS
    • Accelerated support for Linux console and X11
    • 50 VGA / SVGA modes
    • Two dual monitor modes
    • Sound supported for
      • PC-speaker
      • Gravis ultrasound
      • Sound scape
      • Sound blaster
      • Linux
      • SGI
      • SUN
      • Digital Alpha
      • AIX
      • HP-UX
  • Many resolutions
  • First demo running at two monitors!



This demo requires computer at least as fast as 486/33 with coprocesor. But speed of 486/66 or pentium is highly recomended (especially for hight resolution SVGA modes). This demo does not require real operating system - works even under MS-DOS. For dual monitor modes you need secondary hercules / MDA compatible card. To compile demo you need 32 or 64 bit ANSI C compiler (no it does not compile under Borland one) and libraries listed bellow. PC speaker driver eats lots of CPU so running it at computers slower than pentium is really not good idea.


This demo was done by AA group in Mar 1997. Contacts:

Copyright (C) Jan Hubicka
Last modified: Wed Mar 26 1997