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Initialization for image saving

AA-Lib also have a driver specialized for image saving. It's name is save_d(currently only driver that uses aa_savedata structure):

struct aa_savedata {
      char *name;
      struct aa_format *format;
      FILE *file;

Field name contains a filename (without extension). If you wish to specify file descriptor, you might want to use field file instead. Set name to NULL in this cases. Note that then file will not be closed automatically. In name you should use following tags:

X coordinate of page, if pages enabled otherwise none
Y coordinate of page, if pages enabled otherwise none
Coordinates in format: _%x_%y, if pages enabled otherwise none
Default extension (like .html)
Format is a pointer to aa_format structure (format information):

struct aa_format {
      int width, height;        /*default width/height*/
      int pagewidth, pageheight;/*in case output is made from pages*/
      int flags;                /*should be made from:
      int supported;            /*mask of supported attributes*/
      struct aa_font *font;     /*font used by hardware device*/
      char *formatname;	        /*name of format*/
      char *extension;          /*file extension*/
      char *head;               /*text at the beggining of file*/
      char *end;                /*text at the end of file*/
      char *newline;            /*text at the end of line*/
      char *prints[AA_NATTRS];  /*printf seqence for printing character*/
      char *begin[AA_NATTRS];   /*text printed at the beggining of block
                                  of character at gived attribute*/
      char *ends[AA_NATTRS];    /*text printed at the end of block*/
      char **conversions	/*conversion tabe*/

Conversions is array of strings in format: character, replacement, terminated by NULL.

Following code is an example of HTML format description:

static char *html_escapes[] = {"<", "&lt;", ">", "&gt;", "&", "&amp;", NULL};

struct aa_format aa_html_format =
      79, 25,
      0, 0,
      "Pure html",
      "<HTML>\n <HEAD> <TITLE>Ascii arted image
       done using aalib</TITLE>\n</HEAD>\n<BODY><PRE>\n",
      /*The order is:normal, dim, bold, boldfont, reverse, special*/
      { "%s", "%s", "%s", "%s", "%s", },
      {"", "", "<B>", "", "<B>" },
      {"", "", "</B>", "", "</B>" },

Usually you don't need to worry about filling in this large structure since the formats are already defined: aa_nhtml_format, aa_html_format, aa_html_alt_format, aa_ansi_format, aa_text_format, aa_more_format, aa_hp_format, aa_hp2_format, aa_zephyr_format, aa_irc_format. All formats are collected in aa_formats array. It is array of pointers to aa_format terminated by NULL

All additional new formats are welcomed.

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