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Specifying hardware parameters

In previous examples we used aa_defparams without description. This variable says to AA-lib what hardware do you expect.

struct aa_hardware_params {
      struct aa_font *font;
      int supported;
      int minwidth, minheight;
      int maxwidth, maxheight;
      int recwidth, recheight;
      int mmwidth, mmheight;
      int width, height;

Filed font contains the default font. If your driver is unable to autodetect the font used by the output device (such as terminal drivers or most of saving drivers), you may want to select one of the fonts compiled into aalib. Following fonts are available: font8, font14, font16, font9, fontline, fontgl, fontX13, fontX16, fontX13B. If you specify NULL as an argument font16 is used.

Integer supported contains a mask. Following masks are available: AA_NORMAL_MASK, AA_DIM_MASK, AA_BOLD_MASK, AA_BOLDFONT_MASK, AA_REVERSE_MASK.

You can use AA_EXTENDED to enable all 256 of characters or AA_EIGHT to enable using of characters numbered higher than 127. This should be set also after the initialization using aa_setsupported

Other fields are used to specify the display size. If your program requires a fixed size of the display you should set width,height fields (otherwise expect problems ;). You can also adjust how tolerant AA-lib should be. Minimum is set by minwidth/minheight, maximum is set by maxwidth/maxheight. Then you can set width/height parameters and call the init function. The nearest value (in specified bounds `coz) will be set.

If all these fields are set to zero (default) hardware drivers prompt user for the size and memory/save drivers will set some defaults. Hardware drivers also have default values(forced by enter). If you wanted to modify them you'd have to set recwidth/recheight. Note that minwidth/minheight and maxwidth/maxheight still have an effect even if width/height is zero.

It is recomended to set all the parameters that can be alternated by user just before aa_parseoptions is called, so options can't be changed.

mmwidth/mmheight should be used to specify size of window in milimeters (but it is ignored by all drivers now ;).

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